NaNoWriMo Day 21: Think before I write

Still on par for my word count, but I’m not ahead. I only wrote a couple hundred words yesterday. It was very cold out and I was lazy all day. I am finding the benefit of planning out my scenes before I write them. One last thing I do before I actually write a scene is sit and think about it. I spend a couple minutes going over it in my mind. Jessica Brody, author of Save the Cat Writes a Novel, says she visualizes the scene before she writes it. Rachel Aaron, fantasy and science fiction author, spends about five minutes before writing just jotting down what she’s going to write about that day. She says it makes all the difference. That’s the whole idea behind the steps I’m using to write my NaNoWriMo. It’s so freeing to know what I’m writing. The details have been thought out so I can concentrate on composing the story.

Word count: 33524

Photo by Elizabeth Zernetska

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