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The Consortium is a supposed “utopia” where thousands of planets benefit from financial and cultural unity. Where neurological experiences and emotions are converted to energy via mysterious orbs. Where travel from one end of the galaxy to the other in mere hours is possible thanks to the dimension called The WhereHow. Where a mysterious being named The Siron, a god to some, an alien tyrant to others, makes all the diplomatic decisions for planetary relationships. Find out more.

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Book Giveaway on Librarything.cOM

I am hosting a giveaway of my science fiction novella WhereHow on If you are a member of this website (it’s free), you can sign up for free giveaways every month. The giveaway is for the print version of WhereHow. Readers have until February 17th, 2021 to request one of five copies being given

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Friday’s Findings

A few weeks ago, I started to read a book by a self-published author. As I chugged through the first chapter of this science-fiction novel, I was getting into the story, but one thing was annoying me. The author had really overdone it with the exclamation marks. Now, I’m not saying never use an exclamation

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Writing Advice Page Updated

Have you ever wished you knew more about writing short stories and novels? How to write realistic dialogue? How to create smooth prose? I’ve updated my writing advice page by collecting links to articles on fiction elements. Feel free to explore them to hone your writing craft through learning or reference. Topics include: Backstory Beats

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