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The Consortium is a supposed “utopia” where thousands of planets benefit from financial and cultural unity. Where neurological experiences and emotions are converted to energy via mysterious orbs. Where travel from one end of the galaxy to the other in mere hours is possible thanks to the dimension called The WhereHow. Where a mysterious being named The Siron, a god to some, an alien tyrant to others, makes all the diplomatic decisions for planetary relationships. Find out more.

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Traption now available for pre-order

You can never go home again. Unless someone is forcing you. Bandonn FarPacer just wants to enjoy his vacation on the paradise moon Figuola. But mysterious robotic beings are spying on him and his friends everywhere they go. What are they? And why do they look so familiar to him? Andrew M. Friday My new

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Should I Use Kindle Create? Barnes & Noble Press?

Some quick tips on using Kindle Create and Barnes and Noble Press: I am about to release my novella Traption and I have been preparing it in Kindle Create. So the question is: should you Kindle Create to get your books on Do I have to use Kindle Create or Barnes and Noble Press?

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Friday’s Findings: Sketching Out a Scene

Even though I am at the part of the revision process where I’m going through each scene one at a time, I decided to jump back up to looking at the story as a whole. I did this to add just one scene. But before I wrote a rough draft of the scene, I made

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Writing Experiment: Personality Test For Characters

Kieren Westwood runs a writing channel on YouTube. Recently, he revealed he used the 16 Personalities website, and took the personality test. But he didn’t take it as himself. He took it as if he were one of his characters. He recommended doing this for a simple analysis of a character’s personality. I’ve been thinking


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