NaNoWriMo Day 18: Completing the story arc

I knew from the first day of NaNoWriMo I would not complete the story. Yes, I will reach 50,000 words. Yes, I will write a narrative, but it will only be part of the narrative–or what I’m calling “step four” in my NaNoWriMo plan.

My writing process for NaNoWriMo 2022:

Step 1: Write one complete sentence summarizing each scene.

Step 2: Turn each sentence into a five sentence paragraph.

Step 3: Turn each paragraph into five paragraphs.

Step 4: Turn the five paragraphs into a narrative .

Steps one through three are more outline steps, with each being more detailed and longer than the previous step. Step four is coming along nicely. And thanks to thinking through the scenes in the first three steps, writing the story out is so much more fun. At least to me. I’m not worried about what happens next? And next? I can concentrate on dialogue, action, inner monologues, description and so on. It’s so freeing.

So, I will probably write the first scene, the last scene, the middle scene and a few key scenes in between these. I will do this until I reach 50,000 words. This will give my NaNoWriMo project a more complete story arc. And after November, I will continue writing on this project until the first draft is complete.

Word count: 28342

Photo by Cup of Couple

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