Friday’s Findings

A few weeks ago, I started to read a book by a self-published author. As I chugged through the first chapter of this science-fiction novel, I was getting into the story, but one thing was annoying me. The author had really overdone it with the exclamation marks.

Now, I’m not saying never use an exclamation mark, but this guy overwhelmed me by ending every other sentence with this punctuation. I wish I were exaggerating. He took an otherwise interesting story and ruined it. I couldn’t get past the second chapter. Same thing.

Moral of the story is to avoid the temptation to use exclamation marks and let the words speak for themselves. No need to yell at the reader something exciting is happening.

I talked about this in my blog last year.

Here are some links to articles I came across this week while reading about the writing craft:

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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