Friday’s Findings

I’m about to release my third novella and I’ve been using the resources available through Amazon/Kindle to create my book. Amazon may not be for everyone, but right now, it has most of the market for selling books. There’s a lot of competition out there on the Amazon website. Kindle has some marketing tools to help the self-publishing author. I’m still exploring everything, but here’s what I’ve discovered so far:

  • Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) – Create an account and manage ebooks and print books. Upload the book’s covers and interior documents as well as create an Amazon author’s page.
  • KDP Create – This is free software the writer downloads to create ebooks specifically for Kindle. Although KDP accepts ebooks created in other ways (MS Word, Scrivener, Excaliber, etc.), KDP Create makes it easy to format an ebook.
  • Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) – Tools for promoting your products, including ebooks, on Amazon. I’m still going through this one. Here’s an article telling for about it.
  • Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) – If an author wants to turn his book into an audiobook, here’s one way. Find narrators (producers) to record your book. Can’t wait to get into this part of publishing.
  • Kindle Unlimited – This is an ebook subscription service. An author can sign up his books on Kindle Select to be read for “free” by those who pay a monthly fee for Kindle Unlimited. The author gets paid by how many pages a customer reads. This option is available through an authors KDP account. The author can also create giveaways for his book through KDP.
  • Amazon Author Insights – Guidance and inspiration on self-publishing. I’m still going through the articles available on this website.

Some of these cost money, some don’t. But whatever you do, you’ll find publishing your book is easier than ever.

Photo by Andre Furtado from Pexels

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