Writing Software Suggestions for the New Year

The end of the year is a great time to think about writing habits and goals for the next year. You might want to start using writing software. A writer doesn’t have to use software, but if you aren’t, and want to try some, here are some recommendations.


Scrivener is the big cheese of writing software. I had heard about it for a few years, and finally I caved in and downloaded it. It truly helps organize writing projects. It’s so versatile, any writer can customize the interface to suit his or her purposes. Download if for free for 30 days. MAC version is $49 and PC version is $41.63.


The Snowflake Method is a great way to plan a novel. Created by novelist Randy Ingermanson, The Snowflake Method softward helps facilitate this method. I enjoy planning my novel in the Snowflake software and then transfer it to Scrivener to write. Download it here.


For being a free piece of software, YWriter has a lot going for it. One thing it has is a timeline to help keep track of characters locations and dates. I am definitely going to try this one out. Download it here.


This is another free writing software. It looks like a simpler version of Scrivener, and it has a timeline option. Download it here.

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