Gravitating Toward Marketing as an Indie Writer

When I checked out the workshop and panel listings for Imaginarium 2019, I originally planned to attend the ones geared toward the writing craft. After thinking about it, I gravitated toward the workshops on marketing books because I realized I needed those more.

In the exhibitor’s hall, I saw Michael Knost’s booth. He had been on a panel called Marketing Mistakes, so I decided to buy the books he promoted. I hope to read them soon:

I’m particularly excited about this one. Knost edited the book which contains interviews of SF&F writers such as Neil Gaiman, Orson Scott Card, and Ursula K. Le Guin among others.

Another book I purchased was Self-Publishing Checklist: Personalize your workflow before, during, and after publication by April D. Brown. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend her workshop, but her book looked helpful. Also plan to tackle this book, as well.

I’m still typing up my notes from all the marketing workshops. I hope to share a few of the things I took away from them on this blog soon.

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