W.I.P. Update: 08.14.18

My laptop died–the one on which I wrote my fiction. The death did not surprise. The computer, nicknamed ‘Bruthie,’ had been running slow the last couple of months.   had served me well. Black duct tape–black to match its color–had held together the left side for the past couple of years. I should have retired poor Bruthie back then, but he still worked well up until recently. I just held out until I worked him to death.

Fortunately, I had just backed-up everything. But there is something about a computer that runs slow that demotivated me from writing as much as I wanted to.

When Bruthie died, I went to Target and bought an HP Google Chrome. When I got home, I realized a Google Chrome computer did not collaborate with Scrivener. Despite some articles online that showed how to get around this, I decided it was too difficult. I returned the Google Chrome computer and got a regular PC laptop with Windows 10.

I’m back. I’m motivated. I have a new story I’m working on.

I began working on a story about my main characters, Bandonn FarPacer and Durso RasCalion, before they began working on the galactic liner called The Planned Happenstance. It’s a ‘prequal’ called and it tells the story of their fighting in the rebellion on their  home planet of Spotov as teenagers.

Mock cover for Treat.

I am also completing the first draft of WhereHow. This is episode three of my Consortium series and in it I reveal more about the Xyce and who or what they are.

I am also excited to finish up episode four of the series which is called Traption. I have had this series outlined for a long time and I’ve actually written the first draft of this episode, but I have to rewrite some of the scenes because of things that are happening in the first three episodes. I don’t know about other writers, but I love rewriting–especially if I know it improves the scenes.


In Traption, Bandonn, Durso and their friend, Edom, finally meet the main villain of the story. They reach the point of no return in the overall story arc of the Consortium series.

In the meantime, I love my new laptop. Target doesn’t usually exchange one computer for another, but they put the money I used to purchase the Google Chrome on a gift card so I could immediately buy another computer right away. Otherwise,  I would have had to wait two business days for my money to be returned to my bank account.

My new laptop runs fast and great and I’m using Scrivener to get all my stories out of my head on onto paper.


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