Friday’s Findings: Plot and Story

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the concepts of the difference between plot and story. The simplest, bare-bones definitions is this: plot is what happens on the surface and story is what happens on the inside. Plot is the physical action and events. Story is the internal thoughts, themes and conflicts of the characters.

To put this in practice, I’ve been writing the rough drafts of scenes with the external action first. Things like dialogue and outward physical motions of the characters. Then I add the story. This is the inner thoughts, feelings and backstory.

I know this is very simple, but it helps me balance both plot and story.

Here are some fiction writing links I’ve come across this week:

MAY the Writing Force Be With You: How to Use Freewriting to Get Past Writers’ Block (

Call it freewriting, call it stream-of-consciousness writing, it’s a legitimate tool for writing productivity.

The Creative Penn Blog: Helping you write, publish and market your book | The Creative Penn

Many creative types have a block when it comes to marketing.

11 Secrets to Writing Effective Character Descriptions

Don’t think of them as characters; think of them as people.

Power Up Your Fiction

James Scott Bell always has great advice for writing fiction.

Bad Dialogue vs Good Dialogue ROUND 3 (Writing Advice)

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