“Follow the Coin” Book Review: Blood for Coins

Blood for Coins was a first for me in several ways. It was the first book I’ve read by Cam Wolfe, a YouTuber who reviews novels in the fantasy, horror and science fiction genre. It was the first thing I read on my new Kindle Fire 8 which had just been delivered to my front porch.  And it is the first in Wolfe’s Sabre’s Noctem series.

Blood for Coins is a novella, less than 200 pages. According to Wolfe’s YouTube channel, he plans to write Sebre’s Noctem as a series of short novels, a format I like; I’m glad I’m seeing more authors publishing novellas. BFC is a mixture of dark fantasy, heist, western and horror. I even see some of the fantasy sub-genre sword and sorcery. 

In the land of Ethosia, Enzo and Rascal are a team two buddies who go back from their days in school. Sometimes they perform heists, other times they kill monsters. It’s that kind of world. 

The story is told mainly through the eyes of Enzo . He has spent the last few years in a prison with a well-deserved nasty reputation. His incarceration has scarred him both physically and psychologically. His friend Rascal, or Cal, does his best to get Enzo back on his feet by getting them mixed up in a heist right away. Plenty of fantastically beasts populate the story, as well as nasty weapons, raging battles and a little bit of magic. Wolfe does a great job of making Enzo and Cal fun character to get to know in this first installment of Sabre’s Noctem.

But do I want to read more?

Yes, I definitely want to check in with this world again. Wolfe plans to release episodes every few months and I will be looking forward to more adventures with Rascal and Enzo. If Firefly had more of a fantasy slant, it would be in the same category of Blood for Coins. If you are a fan of fantasy heists novels, this series is for you.

Cam Wolfe’s YouTube channels:

Wolfe the Story Nomad – Fantasy Book Reviews

Cam Wolfe Is Writing

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