Friday’s Findings: Screenplay Writing with Tony Acree

Last week, I attended a short workshop on screenplay writing. Tony Acree, author and publisher, has turned his novel, The Hand of God, into a screenplay. He talked about what he as learned as he gets it turned into a movie. 

With his permission, I’ve summarized his main points:

  • Read the book Save the Cat.
  • FinalDraft is the software to write screenplays.
  • Read screenplays before you get started.
  • Come up with a logline, a screenplay theme.
  • The title must deliver the meaning of the movie.
  • Know your genre’s formula.
  • Typically, one page equals one minute of screen time.
  • Keep your scene descriptions on point–don’t over describe or under describe.
  • Keep budget in mind.
  • Have a thick skin when it comes to rewrite requests.

Video of Acree’s presentation.

Here are some links to Tony’s pages:

Tony Acree Author Website

Tony Acree, Publisher, Hydra Publications

Photo by Ron Lach :

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