Three Things

Try the Three Things exercise as part of your morning routine.

I had some great successes this weekend:

  • I finished a scene for my novel, Legendaries.
  • I got back into reading: I finished Renegades by Marissa Meyer and started reading the sequel called Archenemies
  • I also started reading Legends and Latte by Travis Baldree. This is considered a cozy fantasy, a genre I wasn’t aware of. I found some more. Getting back into the reading habit is one of my goals for this month and these novels make it easy.

Something I’ve started doing is a Three Things exercise. First thing in the morning, I think of three things from the previous day that went well. This usually includes writing goals. I find it helps me put perspective in my life. My mind, like many people, tends to dwell on the negative, so deliberately focusing on the positive is important.

Overall, it was a relaxing weekend. Not every day is relaxing, but I’ll take them when I get them.

Photo by iOnix

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