Is “Atomic Habits” Helpful for Writers?

I’ll just go ahead and say it.: Without a doubt, the book Atomic Habits by James Clear can help writers establish more effective writing production.

It sounds like I’m hyping the book–I am–but I’ll be the first to say the concepts explored in Atomic Habits won’t work for anyone who is leery of products that seemed overhyped. But the author will be the first to say the concepts in this book aren’t anything new. He has just capsulated them into an effective way to incorporate them into a person’s life.

The ideas he presents have helped me in different areas in my life: health and weight loss, mental health and spirituality, work and career, and, of course, my writing.

So, if you like self-help books (I kind of hate that term), Atomic Habits is worth checking out. It’s a quick read and I also recommend listening to the author read his book on Audible.

Here’s a helpful infographic that lays out some of the basic concepts of Atomic Habits:

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery

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