First Weekend of Camp NaNoWriMo

Enjoyed my first full weekend of Camp NaNoWriMo for April 2022.

I completed a scene from my novella called Traption. As I mentioned in a recent blog posting, I’m using a writing process I’m calling the “scratchpad” method. I use a single text document–mine happens to be in Google Docs– and will just add on to it all month long.

  • Each day, I start a new heading with the day’s date.
  • I’m not concerned about writing one just one WIP. Instead, write whatever WIP I feel like working on. On any given day, I could write on just one WIP or two or three different WIPs. Today, for example, I just worked on Traption. This included brainstorming several sentences of outline for a scene, then composing the scene, then brainstorming several sentences for the next scene in Traption that needs a rough draft. I count every word written today, whether summaries, outlines, ideas and actual writing toward my daily count.
  • I copy and transfer the rough draft of my scene to the Scrivener document for that WIP.

My word count is 1123 words.

Photo by FOX.

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