Friday’s Findings

From last Monday:

I’m on “staycation” this week. As far as my writing, here are some things I promise myself to do with my extra time this week:

  • For NaNoWriMo next month, I promise to do practice writing sprints every day. I will work on my current WIPs.
  • Also for NaNo, I will further develop my characters, especially my protagonist.
  • And I will flesh out my scenes a little bit more.
  • I will read one book on the writing craft.
  • I will “recast” some of the scenes in my novella, Traption, I feel need to be stronger.

This morning:

  • I’ve done a few writing sprints this week.
  • I hand copied text from several novels to practice description.
  • I’m about half-way through James Scott Bell’s The Art of War for Writers. Some great advice in this writing instruction book.
  • I spent a whole afternoon further developing the protagonist for my NaNoWriMo project.
  • I also spent a whole afternoon further developing the plot and adding details to the scenes for upcoming NaNoWriMo.
  • I spent yesterday morning editing my upcoming novella, Traption.

So, I’ve gotten a lot done for my writing projects this week. And I enjoyed every moment of it.

Here are some great links to articles on writing fiction I came across recently:

Photo by Lukas Medvedevas from Pexels

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