Ideas for Organizing Your Writing Space

Looking for some ways to organize your writing space?

Let me share how I organize my writing files digitally. I create a folder called WRITING. Within that folder, I have three sub-folders:

  • Writing Projects
    In this sub-folder, I create a sub-folder for each current writing project I’m working on. This has really helped me have a place for each project, whether fiction or non-fiction, and keeps me from going insane.
  • Writing Archive
    In this sub-folder, I store completed writing project folders. I also move delayed or cancelled projects. One more thing: I don’t throw away anything just in case I need it later. This folder is a great place to keep those failed projects or previous drafts. Oh, and I nickname this folder “The Vault.”
  • Writing Resources
    In this sub-folder, I save digital images (whether PDFs, jpegs, pngs, etc.), I come across online. These are tips and resources specifically about the writing craft.

So that’s how I organize my writing files on my computer. I back them up on Google Docs, and have a third copy of everything on Dropbox.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to organize your writing projects. As far as your physical writing space, I found this beautiful infographic called Your Writing Cabinet Organization Cheat Sheet. Click on the graphic to enlarge it.


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