Friday’s Findings: Game of Three

Three. Three WIPs. I am in the middle of working on three works-in-progress. Usually, I’ll work on one for about a week, get it to a stage where I can let it sit, and then go to another WIP. A quick update on where I’m at with them:

Traption: Consortium Episode 4

I’m writing and rewriting this 25,000 word novella which is the fourth installment of my Consortium series. To be honest, this is where everything starts to go really crazy. Two major fight scenes–both of which I wrote a few years ago–are finally going to be reworked and published early next year.

Oblivion’s Hope

Set in the same universe as my Consortium series, this is the first complete novel I’ve written. Different story, different characters. It’s in the third draft stage. I’ve already had illustrator Jeff Brown design the cover and I can’t wait until the book is almost finished so I can start promoting the book with his awesome artistry.


I’ve named my NaNoWriMo 2021 project Legendaries. It’s a fantasy, or more specifically, an urban fantasy. It’s all new characters, all new story and all new settings. So far, I have a one or two sentence description for each scene and some basic character descriptions. I know a lot about my protagonist, but I’m still working on the details. In my twelve year experience of doing NaNoWriMo, I’ve discovered my most successful stories are those in which I do the following: create a general outline of an all new story; develop all new characters; brainstorm a list of possible scenes; and  cultivate an attitude of non-perfectionism.

Here are some links to interesting articles about writing fiction I’ve read lately:

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