Book Review: Dustborn

Talk about stepping outside your comfort zone.

Delta and her tribe live in a remote part of the Dead River. It’s a desolate, dusty and harsh place but the leaders of her people–who are dwindling in number–refuse to travel elsewhere. Through a series of events, Delta finds herself alone and in search of answers: answers as to the story of the map tattooed on her back; answers about a long lost friend; answers about the rumored paradise called the Verdant. And there’s a narcissist jerk who’s ruining everything.

In Dustborn, Erin Bowman’s YA post-apocalypse novel, Delta is a young woman who’s tough on the outside but tender-hearted. Having lived her whole life in a specific part of The Wastes, Delta must learn some harsh lessons and make some hard decisions as she is forced to explore the world around her, most of the places for the first time. Bowman does a great job of world-building and as the story progresses, the pieces fall into place.

Written in first person, this book drew me into the story fast. Delta is a likable, but tough character who shares her story when everything seems to go wrong at once. Actually, things had been going downhill for a while, but Bowman starts off with a major turning point where Delta’s life is forever changed. Much like Katniss from the Hunger Games, Delta challenges herself to take on responsibility against helpless odds.

“Do not carry the mistakes of others as though they are your own. Life is hard enough already.”

Erin Bowman, Dustborn

Bowman’s writing captured my attention right away, and I enjoyed this story tremendously. It’s a standalone tale and I was in the mood for a complete story. There were a couple times I thought Delta should have done this instead of that, but that’s my opinion, but hey, she was in dire straits. Didn’t really affect the quality and enjoyment of the story.

Dustborn is a little bit Hunger Games and a little bit Mad Max. You’ll find elements of science fiction, fantasy and space western.

I give Dustborn a 4 out of 5 stars.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Photo by Moussa Idrissi from Pexels

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