Friday’s Findings

Writing advice from one of my favorite science fiction authors:

I’d just like to say that writing advice is just that: advice. It’s not a set of rules; it’s contextual. I know I’ve contradicted myself in the advice I’ve given in the past, and that’s because the needs of each writer and story are different.

And that’s why I try never to be prescriptive and say, “You must…” I just offer things I’ve found that have worked for me in certain situations. You’re welcome to take what works for you and ignore what doesn’t. We’re all making this up as we go along.

Socrates said that admitting you know nothing is the beginning of wisdom. Experiment, learn, be flexible and open to new ideas. Learn from those who’ve gone before but don’t shackle yourself with “rules” that don’t work for you. Trust your gut, and have fun.

Gareth L. Powell, Author (IG: @garethlpowell)

And now, here’s some articles on writing I’ve come across lately:

Photo by MNM ZAMEER from Pexels

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