Friday’s Findings

It’s the first day of a new year, and I’m in my man cave. I’m sitting at my computer next to the window and it’s still dark outside. I can hear the rain falling and I find it soothing. First thing for 2021, I’m doing some of my favorite things: drinking caramel creme coffee; setting up my bullet journal for the new year; and listening to podcasts on science fiction and fantasy books.

I’m full of hope for 2021. I’ve been blessed employment-wise. I work for a company that distributes medical supplies, so I worked all through 2020. Currently, my company is getting the COVID vaccine disseminated throughout all the United States and also the world. My hope is that enough people will get the vaccine and soon the monster will be under control.

In the meantime, I’d like to share some writing resources for Friday’s Findings. i haven’t done Friday’s Findings for a couple months because i got busy with other things, but I’ve regrouped. So here are some treasures for you to explore:

SSF Yeah! Podcast

I mentioned podcasts and one I’ve been listening to is SFF Yeah! The hosts work for Book Riot and each episode contains discussions on science fiction and fantasy news and several book recommendations. When the hosts discuss the books, they always inspire me to list at least one or two of them on my reading wishlist.

SFF Yeah! Website

Every Writer Has a Thousand Faces

This book by poet David Biespiel, reveals the authors development in his creativity. While he uses mainly his poems he claims his techniques can be used for any kind of writing and creativity. I found this to be true. As I read this book, I found some methods I could apply to my own fiction writing I could apply immediately.

This book on Amazon

Goodreads Best Books for 2020

Every year I look for a book to read, but not just any book, an enjoyable book. I always look forward to Goodreads Best Book awards which are chosen by every day readers like me. One winner is chosen in every genre imaginable, but the lists include all the runners up. As a result, I have a rich treasure trove of books I can check out, knowing many other readers loved them.

Goodreads Best Books for 2020

Well, that’s it for now. May your 2021 be full of hope.

Photo by Oleg Zaicev from Pexels

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