Friday’s Findings

Writing is healing.

I haven’t hugged my mom since January. This thought occurred to me earlier this week, and I burst out in tears. Yes, we’ve gotten together for walks outside, wearing masks, keeping six feet apart. We talk on the phone once or twice a week.

But I haven’t hugged her lately.

So this pandemic has finally stressed me out. I’m lucky enough to go to work all year; however, it’s not at home. Every day I encounter people out in the halls who refuse to wear masks. Fortunately, my immediate coworkers are fantastic, and we’re all working together to keep each other safe.

But I wonder. Did someone give me the virus? Have I had it and don’t know?

Between not being able to hug my mom and encountering people who don’t care about my safety, I’m beginning to show signs of psychological wear.

My salvation? Writing. Writing 500 words on my novel at a time. Thinking about my character’s motivations. Getting a sense of accomplishment when I finish a scene.

I have always found in the past a writing session of 30-60 minutes can be healing to my soul. That is true now more than ever.

So, here are some helpful articles on writing I’ve found lately. Hope you also benefit from them.

Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

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