Even though I should be writing, I couldn’t help but binge-watch these shows. Here are some I’ve watched in the past few weeks:

His Dark Materials

I’ve read the His Dark Materials trilogy a few times and watched the 2007 movie, The Golden Compass. Now HBO has made it a series and covers the first book in season 1. I think you’ll find the first season expanded on the themes more deeply than the movie, so there is no need to watch The Golden Compass movie first unless you want to compare.

Watch it here.


I loved the Watchmen comics and movie, and I was surprised when I found out this show is not a new adaptation of the same material, but the next part of the story. I don’t think being familiar with the original story is necessary, but I believe it helps the viewer appreciate the returning characters from the source material.

Watch it here.


This is an oldie but goodie. Hard to believe the former television show is almost 20 years old. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it. I rewatch Firefly every few years and it has aged well. Only fourteen episodes were made and then everything is wrapped up in the movie, Serenity. If you watch it for the first time, you are in for a real treat in character interaction and storytelling. Have fun.

Watch Firefly here.

Watch Serenity here.

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  1. Haven’t experienced His Dark Materials in any media yet (I may have watched Golden Compass if that’s the one that had DeNiro as a gay pirate), but I’m 100% with you on Watchmen and Firefly.

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