WhereHow Now available for preorder

WhereHow, the third installment of my space opera series, Consortium, is now available as an ebook preorder on Amazon. Here’s a preview:

At first, neither the ships nor the inhabitants of the ships interfered with them.

That changed.

WhereHow, Episode 3 of the Consortium

The Xyce — the only known indigenous inhabitants from the WhereHow dimension — have been attacking Consortium ships and cities. They even invade The Planned Happenstance, a galactic liner, while it travels through the WhereHow. Bandonn and his fellow crewmembers must figure out why the Xyce attacked them. The answer leaves them astounded.

WhereHow is the third episode of the Consortium Series. Each installment shares the fast-paced adventures of a group of young people with mysterious powers who must save Spotov from the False Advocate or die trying.

My Amazon author page

Photo by Miriam Espacio from Pexels

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