Am I Crazy?

I haven’t blogged much for the past two weeks because I’ve been busy finishing my latest episode for my space opera series Consortium. The third book should be coming out July 15. I’ll post on here when it is available for pre-order.

So, I have a few writing projects (or works-in-progress, as writers say) on the burner. I haven’t given an update lately on my novel’s progress. Here’s what I’m up to:

  • I have a rough schedule of writing projects for the next year. I plan on putting out a short novelette every two months. I call it my Consortium series. See The Books.
  • I’m on the third draft of my novel. Yes, I’m still rewriting my full-length novel, Oblivion’s Hope. I use the term “full-length” because my Consortium space opera series consists of 12 episodes that are novellas. Oblivion’s Hope is a 100,000 word novel.
  • The cover for WhereHow is ready. Here’s the book cover for the next episode of Consortium. It’s called WhereHow and I’ve dedicated this one to my friend Ken Harrah, who died a couple years ago in a car accident.
  • The cover for Oblivion’s Hope is also ready. I have also been working with book cover illustrator Jeff Brown for the cover of Oblivion’s Hope and I plan to reveal that later this year. By the way, Jeff is fantastic to work with and if you are looking for an illustrator/designer for your fantasy/science fiction/horror novel, I highly recommend him. (Just to let you know, Jeff didn’t design the cover for WhereHow featured above. That was done in Canva, which I recommend for self-published writers.)

After thinking about all I hope to accomplish with my writing over the next year, I’ve been asking myself: Am I crazy? I already know that answer to that.


  1. Wow! I’m just skirting around 70k words and already I find that plenty much. 100,000 must be a huge undertaking, and to go through it three times too! All the best in your endeavours!

    1. Thanks. I’ve been working on the 100,000 novel for two years, so it’s spread out. Best wishes on your writing projects.

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