The Worst Thing About All This

I wrote this last week as I tried to grasp how much sacrifice we are all going to make. My heart goes out to those families who have lost loved ones, the biggest sacrifice of all. Even though the following is about something less devastating, it is my attempt to express how I came to the realization I take some things for granted.

Today my Mom and her husband stopped by. She had soups and sandwiches and other treats she had made for me because, well, that’s what moms do. She also had a six-pack of paper towels she bought for me before this whole virus thing took over our lives.

Usually when Mom and Bob stop by, they come in chat for a little bit. I sometimes have stuff for her. Today I put some coupons and junk mail in a Target plastic bag. She loves to go through and find deals for shopping. Usually, I hand it to her when she walks into my house.

Today, I hung it out on my front door handle for her to pick up.

The sun was out today and the temperature blessed us with a pleasant degree. Hard to believe people all over the world are dying from a highly contagious disease. But Mom and Bob are in the high risk category. Never mind she teaches preschool, or she was until a few weeks ago. Never mind Bob had to leave his temp job doing taxes which he does every year and which he loves.

They are in the 80+ category and even though they are as active as any 35-year-old couple, I had to stand behind the glass of my front door, wave at her as she took my bag of coupons for her, and wait while she and Bob sat the food and paper towels on my front porch. Because, just in case.

For weeks, I haven’t been able to visit her, chat with her over a meal she made for me after work, or kiss her on top of her silver-haired head when l leave.

That, for me, is the worst part of all this.

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