Not Ashamed to Be a Learner

If a job existed in which I could go and sit in lectures at a university all day-and get paid for it-that would be my ideal job. Yes, that is how weird I am.

I loved college. I also loved teaching at a college for ten years.

Several years ago, when I took the Strengths Finder test for my job, my top five strengths were Itellection, Learner, Input, Positivity and Empathy. The first three have to do with learning. No surprise.

In other words, I enjoy the classroom setting.

Now, I know that’s not for everyone. But I have come across a series of YouTube videos I feel anyone who is a writer, and especially anyone who is a writer and a learner, would appreciate.

I just finished reading Brandon Sanderson’s first book in his Mistborn Series called The Final Empire. Great read. I checked out his author website and found he linked to a series of university lectures he taught on writing science fiction and fantasy (and really, fiction in general)

In the first lecture, Sanderson packed it full of helpful tips for the fiction writer, and this was only the introductory lecture. I can’t wait watch the rest.

Oh, don’t worry, it’s free.

And, yes, I took notes.

Brandon’s lectures can be found here.

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