Some Tips on Self-publishing

I went to some workshops on self-publishing at Imaginarium 2019. Here are a few tidbits I came across:

  • Consider wide distribute-Don’t just put the ebook versions of your novels on Amazon KDP; also use Kobo, Smashwords, iBooks, etc.). If you opt to enroll your ebooks in KDP select, you can’t place them on any other website. Something to think about.
  • Consider audio versions of your books-Check out ACX and Findaway. Don’t forget royalties will be shared with the narrator.
  • Consider PatreonPatreon can help with discoverability and visibility.
  • Consider translations of your books-Although it’s expensive, having your novel translated into another language can widen your audience. Check out Babelcube for translation services.
  • Build your mailing list-Create an account with MailChimp.
  • Claim your Bookhub profile-Your books can get visibility through this discount ebook service.
  • Hybrid author-Mix it up-Not only self-publish, but offer your books through traditional publishers and small press.
  • Scrub your social media-Don’t assume your readership has your world view. Go back and delete those posts that may be too controversial. Also, not all social media platforms are the same; concentrate on the ones that work best for you.
  • Publish steady and frequently-One author said she publishes a short novel every three months. Another once suggested having your whole series (such as a trilogy, etc.) written and release at the same time or within weeks of each other.
  • Remember your goal: build readership.

I am neither endorsing the publishing services linked on the post, nor am I saying they are the only ones. Consider your own goals when publishing your novels.

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