What I took away from Imaginarium 2019

Last weekend, I attended Imaginarium 2019. It is a conference for writers, gamers and film makers. Never having attended this type of conference before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The location of the conference was only 10 minutes away, so I didn’t have to get a hotel; I just went home at the end of the day. Overall, it was a great experience. Here are some of the things I took away from the conference:

I got a weekend pass for $75, a very good deal for these kind of conferences. It was worth it. I hope to have a booth at one of these conferences soon, just for fun. I’m an introvert, but talking with other writers helped me exercise the inner extrovert in me. If writing conferences are held near you and you haven’t attended them, I challenge to give them a try.

Speaking of introverts, I happen to come across some recently published articles on attending writer’s conferences:

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