The Wrath of Lords: More Than Just Killing the Ogre

The first in my series to support authors local to me …

In an effort to support authors who are local to me, I have decided to review a series of books by writers who are in my area, I have met in person or I am connected to them through social media.

Recently, I read The Wrath of Lords, the first in a series of sharp-looking fantasy books called Warden of Fál. The author, Kyle Alexander Romines, lives in my area and we are Facebook friends. I’m impressed with how prolific he is–Romines has about a dozen books published, mostly in the fantasy genre. The Wrath of Lords stands as the first of four (so far) in the series.

“Sometimes heroes aren’t enough.”

Kyle Alexander Romines, The Wrath of Lords

The protagonist, Esben Berengar, also known as the Red Bear, wears a bear skin, carries an axe and travels with a wolf. Many tales about him float around the five kingdoms of Fal many of which he comes out as a monster instead of a hero. He knows it. And he does what he has to as one of the five wardens of the land.

In The Wrath of Lords, author Kyle Romines spins a tale of desperation and fear. What little magic is left in the land is wreaking havoc on a small village of Aluine. It’s up to the visiting warden, Berenger, to help the people, even though they may not always be grateful. Even though he has to do monstrous things.

Romines builds suspense by having the protagonist engage in a series of missions, each depending upon the previous one to attain his final goal. I constantly asked, “How is he going to get out of this one?” The character reminds me of a Conan the Barbarian type, and if you enjoy “sword and sorcery” this story is up your alley.

I’m definitely going to check out the rest in this series.

Kyle Alexander Romines Amazon Page

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