About my next novel …

I’ve mentioned a little bit about my next novel in this blog. Here’s a little bit more …

What genre is your novel: Science fiction, but more specifically, space opera.

Give me your elevator speech: A group of space faring zoologists decide to risk their careers to save a kidnapped colleague and when they realize the whole intergalactic government is in peril they also decide to risk their lives.

What are some of your inspirations for this story: Well, my characters go around the galaxy rescuing and defending species of aliens who can’t defend themselves against more aggressive species. I love the YouTube channel Hope for Paws, and it’s sort of a Hope for Paws … in space! Also, I found inspiration in the work of the not-for-profit veterinarians at Vet Ranch. This is yet another example of how writing ideas come from the most unusual places.

What SF novels or shows would remind me of your novel? Well, I’d like to think my novel is original as possible, but I think you’re a fan of Firefly or The Expanse, you’d like my story. Also, there’s a little bit of a Guardians of the Galaxy feel to it.

Is there any romance in this story: Yes, there is a love subplot tied into the main storyline.

When will your novel come out: My novel THE SENTIENT will be coming out in 2020. Feel free to sign up for updates about it and my other writing adventures at http://eepurl.com/glFkfT .

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