My Reading: Past, Present and Future 08.09.19

Past: The Emperor’s Soul (audio) by Brandon Sanderson

tes Well, I am no longer a Sanderson virgin. I’ve completed my reading of his short novel, The Emperor’s Soul, and I’m ready to explore more by this writer. This is a standalone story with an interesting twist at the end. Ready to jump into the Mistborn series.

Past: Head On (print) by John Scalzi

hoHead On is the first book I’ve read in my remodeled living room complete with a reading nook. If I read on the couch, I fall asleep, no matter how into the book I am. The reading nook is a comfortable chair in a corner of my living room–but not too comfortable. I stayed awake finished Head On by John Scalzi last night. This is the 2nd book in the Lock In series which is a perfect hybrid of science fiction and murder mystery. It’s set in the not too distant future, so the reader is taken to a familiar society, but the added science fiction elements puts and interesting spin on the story. I think I liked this one even better than the first, and I really like the sparring between our protagonist, Chris Shane, and his partner at his FBI job. Chris Shane is a Haden–a victim of a global disease in which many humans become completely immobile. Technology allows Hadens to transfer their consciousness into robot and interact with society as mechanical beings. Of course, Hadens face prejudice and misunderstanding, but Shane has become a respected FIB agent. In Head On, a Haden athlete dies of a mysterious ailment during a game of Hilketa, a violent sport rising in popularity. I enjoyed this second book in the Lock In series even more than the first book. Great summer read while on vacation.

Present: Grapes of Wrath (CD in the Car) by John Steinbeck


Steinbeck is a master storyteller. That’s why over one hundred and fifteen years after he was born, his books are still popular. When I first read this book as a  ninth grader, I found some of the chapters boring. This is probably due to Steinbeck’s being influence by realism in his writing. Reading GOW many years later, I find the novel riveting–probably due to his specific details. I’m especially enjoying the narration since I’m listening to it on CD. In same way people find 1984, more relatable than ever, GOW reflects how far and how little the U. S. has come in treating its refugees.

Present: Blackfish City (ebook at the coffee shop) by Sam J. Miller


Never read anything from this author. I kept coming across novel book on “must-read for 2018” booklists. Still in the early stages of reading this book, but I’m eager to get deeper into it.

Present: The Kill Order (audio while on the treadmill) by James Dashner


Most people listen to music while they exercise, but I find myself motivate to work out more if I listen to books. I’ve read the first three books in the Maze Runner series and I’m starting The Kill Order when I am on the treadmill.


I’ve got several books on the writing craft I’ve been meaning to read.


I’m a fan of the Snowflake Method, so I’m interested in how to apply it to writing scenes.

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