W.I.P. Update

ADVOCATE 3FULL COVER outlined (1)Here’s the latest on my Work In Progress (W.I.P.):

  • I am currently working on WhereHow, Consortium Episode 3 of my series.
  • I’ve updated the cover (see above) and given it darker tones. I feel this matches the vibe of the episode.
  • My intention was to have this episode finished six months ago. I got busy remodeling my house and despite my vow not to let the remodeling interfere with my writing. I was naïve. The good news is that things have settled down and I have been able to work on it steadily the past few weeks.
  • In this episode, we find out some more about the mysterious creatures called the Xyce, the only known indigenous inhabitants of the dimension called the WhereHow.
  • I am dedicating this episode to my close friend, Ken Harrah, who died in a car accident in February. When something like this happens to someone so young, with a family, it makes me aware of my mortality and how every day is precious.
  • I am finishing the final three scenes to finish before I can say the first draft is finished. Then I will spend some time re-writing. I already have notes about changes to improve the story.

For those of you who are writers, I wish you the best in your efforts as you work on your W.I.P.


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