My Reading: Past, Present and Future 07.05.18

Here’s what I’ve been reading:

PastWe Are Mars (ebook) Cheryl Lawson

WAMOnce the pride of Earth’s governments and science community, Rubicon, the first colony on Mars, heads into decline. But who is trying to sabotage the isolated members of this once thriving outpost?

Lawson proves herself as an excellent storyteller. In some areas of the story, I would have preferred more narrative than exposition, but that is a stylistic preference. In the end, the author gets the story told.

Plenty of action, suspense and romance in this sf thriller. I would recommend this novel for a beach vacation. Overall, We Are Mars proves to be a excellent choice for a summer read.

Present: The Grapes of Wrath (audiobook) John Steinbeck


Continuing my reading of John Steinbeck novels, I have started listening to The Grapes of Wrath. I haven’t read it since ninth grade when I wrote a report and accidentally entitled it “The Grapes of Wraith.” My teacher said he thought I had done a report on a horror novel.

Actually, the story of the Joad family trying to survive during the Dust Bowl is a horror story of sorts, and in some ways reminiscent of the relationship between the American government and the working class throughout the years.

Dylan Baker narrates this Pulitzer award-winning novel. His voices are remarkable in that he gives a unique tone for each character. No small feat considering the huge cast. Although this is a long novel, I’m looking forward to hearing it as an audiobook and rediscovering this classic.


Summer is in full swing and I’m planning my summer reading list. I have several newly published science fiction books I’m making my way to on my to-read shelf:

Would love to hear what everyone else is planning to read this summer.


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