Cover Preview for Episode 3

Consortium, Episode 3: WHEREHOW is still in production, but I wanted to give a preview of the cover.

In this episode, more is revealed about the dimension called the WhereHow. Also, the mysterious WhereHow dwellers called the Xyce are in full force and attack everyone’s favorite space vacation cruiser The Planned Happenstance.

From past episodes, it has been shown the Xyce are becoming more aggressive, but no one knows why. To begin with, no one from the Consortium knows much about them.

Also in this episode: more on why Bandonn hates his home planet, Spotov; secrets were revealed last episode, but Durso and Edom have even more mysteries; the psychopath Terrence GhoreWave and his group of thugs–including the so-called Advocate–are on a collision course with Bandonn.

I enjoy unpeeling my story, layer by layer, like an onion. Only so much information is given in each installment. Sometimes, I just want to blurt out exactly what is happening, but I resist. I’m learning more than ever writing is hard. But it can still be fun, and I am having a blast.

Check back at this blog for when WhereHow will be released

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