Fleshing Out One-Dimensional Characters

NOTE: I dusted off some notes I took for a webinar, How to Revise Your NaNo Novel, from January 2016. Grant Faulkner hosted the segment on writing advice with guest speakers KM Weiland, James Scott Bell and Kami Garcia. The following was one of the questions asked.

How do you take a one-dimensional character and flesh them out?

  • James Scott Bell:
    • Use characters who surprise readers. What does a character have hidden that he doesn’t want anyone to know about? Also, use action and dialogue that is unexpected. The definition of a dull read is the readers know what to expect in the story; they know what comes next.
  • KM Weiland
    • Use character arcs
    • Use internal conflict
    • Use conflicting want and need.
  • Kami Garcia
    •  Every person has a wound/scar that affects his world view. What was the bad thing that happened? How can I make their life miserable?

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