My Reading Past, Present, and Future 04.04.18

Past: Recently read books
Present: Currently reading books
Future: On my to-read list. But will I?

Past: Tigerman (audio) by Nick Harkaway

Tigerman, Nick HarkawaySargeant Lester Ferris has braved bullets, bombs and bad guys throughout his military career with the British army. But when it comes to relationships, especially with the street boy he wants to adopt as his son, he’s terrified. Tigerman concluded with a heart-breaking twist, followed by a bittersweet resolution. Although Harkaway can seem wordy at times, he writes with punch and I plan to read more of his books in the future.

library of souls, Ransom RiggsPresent: Library of Souls (ebook) by Ranson Riggs

This direct continuation from the first two in the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series has gotten really dark. Riggs description of the place where the heroes of the story find themselves makes me want to scrub off in the shower, it’s so depressing and grimy.

Present: Iron Gold (audio) by Pierce Brown

IGLoved the first trilogy of this series called Red Rising. Now Darrow, our  hero, finds himself resenting his position in waging war. I have only listened to about the first tenth of the book, but it reminds me of the beginning of Dune Messiah: Paul Atreides continues to wage war to build his empire after the events of Dune. He just wants to run away with his wife. But trouble is brewing in the ranks to unseat him. Similar situation with Darrow. On Wikipedia, I recommend reviewing the summaries of the Red Rising books and the character description listings to refresh yourself before tackling this next installment.

Future: ?

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