Consortium: The Books

The Consortium. A supposed “utopia” where thousands of planets benefit from financial and cultural unity. Where neurological experiences and emotions are converted to energy via mysterious orbs. Where travel from one end of the galaxy to the other in mere hours is possible thanks to the dimension called The WhereHow. Where a mysterious being named The Siron, a god to some, an alien tyrant to others, makes all the diplomatic decisions for planetary relationships.

Spotov, a planet ravaged by civil war, is about to become part of The Consortium. But first, Spotov’s Advocate must be announced. When an imposter claims to be Spotov’s Advocate, three friends–Bandonn, Edom and Durso–find themselves caught in the middle of the planet’s political crisis. Someone wants them dead.

Omniorb3DOMNIORB: Consortium, Episode 1

Bandonn has created the omniorb, a powerful device that could make him rich. Unfortunatley, he discovers the omniorb could harm others, he considers the ethical dilemma in which he finds himself.

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UntitledADVOCATE: Consortium, Episode 2

Someone has targeted The Planned Happenstance, a galactic liner. A nasty Sarcasm virus infects weavegloves worn by the passengers, igniting fires and explosions and costing lives of passengers and crew. Despite their differences, Bandonn, Edom and Durso band together and use their powers to find out why someone would want to endanger their ship. But as the virus mutates and invades the systems throughout the ship, will they succeed?

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