New Year’s Revolutions for the Mind

In 2012, I promise to . . .

  • Not take myself so seriously. I will laugh at myself at least once a day and encourage my friends to join me in the chucklehood.
  • Try harder to see things from the other person’s perspective. I will realize that not everyone has lived life in the save way I have, nor have they had the same experiences I have had.
  • Not make assumptions. How many times have I made a judgment call about someone without getting the full story. And if I don’t get the full story, I won’t make that judgment call.
  • Learn when to not take things so personally. It’s usually not about me.
  • Stand up for myself more often. Sometimes people really are being jerks and I have to do them a favor and point it out.
  • Cry more often. Women are all over this and that’s why they usually live longer. C’mon guys, it’s a great stress reliever and there are things we need to be more upset about.
  • Cry less often. Stop being such a big baby.
  • Pick my battles more wisely. If it doesn’t matter a day, a week, a month or a year from now, why fuss over it? What do I really need to fight about?
  • Speak up sooner. As Barney Fife use to say: “Nip. It. In. The. Bud.”
  • Conquer one of my fears. Wow, in the past when I face one of my fears, I feel rewarded.
  • Be nice to someone who has absolutely nothing to offer me. It’s easy to be nice to someone if I feel they have something to offer.
  • Smile and say hi to complete strangers more often. Who cares what they think.
  • Memorize something everyday. It could be a quote, a poem, an affirmation, lyrics to a song, a recipe, scripture or something really practical like how to change a tire.
  • Listen. I will make it a habit to really, really, really listen to what someone is trying to say instead of what I want to say.
  • Have a scream space. This is easy for me because I live alone. I will go into my walk-in closet about once a month (or when necessary) and scream at someone whom I want to strangle.
  • Keep in touch with my friends more often. I’m so bad at this. Facebook helps, but I need to deliberately contact someone I haven’t spoken to in a while and encourage them. I’ll try and do this once a week or so.
  • Keep on top of my goals. Ask myself every morning “What three things do I need to do today? This week? This month? This year?”
  • Explore a new route in creativity. I have always explored creativity through the venues of writing or drawing or painting. I think it’s time to learn to play a musical instrument.
  • Have a backup plan. Evaluate the areas in my life that may need a backup plan. What if I lose my job? What will I do if someone close to me dies? What if my house burns down?
  • Stay in the habit. Make a list of things I need and want to do on a daily basis and do those things.
  • Break out of the habit. I will not get into a rut.
  • Look at this list on a daily basis and see where I am at.

Does anyone have anything to add?

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